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Top 7 Tips to Improve Performance for Badminton Players

There are particular factors that impact a badminton player’s performance. But, there are a couple of things you might do to prevent bad performances throughout badminton games.

1.) Sufficient Rest

Get enough rest. It’s essential in assisting you to deliver peak performance throughout your badminton games. It is rather impossible to concentrate when you are feeling tired and tired.

Unlike other sports, concentration and reflex action are extremely important in badminton – the shuttlecock is capable of flying at 300 km/h! You’ll need quick reflex to recover your opponent’s shots.

Make certain you have at least 8 hours of sleep a night to be able to deliver your best performance on the court.

2.) Stay Hydrated – before, during and after your sessions

Water is very important to the everyday functions of the human body. Deficiency of water makes you dehydrated. Mild dehydration can make you lethargic, lose concentration and may also lead to a mild headache.

Be certain that you drink around 8 glasses of water each day. Apart from these 8 glasses, ensure you also drink more during exercise.

3.) Have a Meal Before Your Game

I can not play badminton well when I am hungry. What about you? You will need energy to move around the badminton court. The only way you are getting energy is from the food that you consume.

If your body has all of the energy it has to burn, you will have the ability to maneuver and hit faster, delivering everything you can, physically. However, ensure to eat your meal approximately 90 minutes before you perform to allow time for digestion. If you’re feeling lack of energy in the center of the games, you can always have energy bars or sports drinks to power up you.

4.) Quit bad habits

If you’re seriously interested in badminton and if you would like to perform at your peak, you should stop drinking and smoking.

Smoking, generally speaking, is bad for your lungs. Concerning sports, it impacts your physical fitness level dramatically. If you smoke, you may experience having less endurance compared to non-smokers. Drinking, on the other hand, affects your reflexes.

Social drinkers will likely not experience the effects of alcohol whereas hardcore drinkers will be greatly affected. If your reflex ability is slow, then you are not going to have the ability to recover a high-speed shot.

5.) Stretching

After warm up, do some stretching for approximately 15-20 minutes. Before training or through tournaments, national badminton players perform stretching exercises for around 15-20 minutes typically.

They understand that extending not only reduces the chance of injuries, in addition, it will help loosen your muscle fibres so you can move faster and extend further through your badminton sessions.

6.) Right Equipment

Many badminton shops may appear to try very difficult to rip you off by selling you those high priced badminton equipment and apparel. The simple fact is sometimes, they aren’t. Using the ideal equipment will boost your performance to a certain extent in addition to prevent potential injuries.

By way of instance, wearing badminton shoes is essential. Badminton is a game where you will want to move extremely quickly. In any case, badminton footwork entails you breaking and reversing your own momentum.

If you take part in extreme badminton play without the ideal pair of sneakers, you may find yourself having ankle or knee injuries!

7.) Racket That Fits Your Style of Play

A badminton racket isn’t just for hitting the shuttle. Choosing the right badminton racket will raise your badminton performance. There are no bad or good badminton rackets on the marketplace. Most badminton rackets are adequate.

You ought to know how to select the racket that is suitable for your style of play. A racket which reflects your strength will certainly increase your performance.

Where Badminton Came From

Badminton is popular the world over, but especially so in Asia. A wealth of disinformation appears to exist as to where the game really comes from, so I did a bit of research and thought I might attempt to set things straight. It is really quite a fascinating story.

Many say that the English invented Badminton, but we can actually trace it back to about 500BC in Ancient China. There was a game named Ti Jian Zi, which involved a ball with feathers – like contemporary shuttlecock – but no rackets were utilized. We also know that by the time Christ was supposedly born, a game named Battledore and Shuttlecock has been played in China, Japan and Greece. The game bears a bit more similarity to the Badminton but was actually only a paddle and shuttlecock, the notion of the game being to hit the shuttlecock back and on the most times.

From the 16th century, badminton had evolved into a kids’ game, then by the 17th-century upper-class individuals over Europe had become quite fond of this game also. It had been known by today under the French title of “jeu de volan” though.

Meanwhile, in India, a game named Poona was growing which closely resembled the modern day game. The British officers stationed in India were attracted to the game and learned the principles, taking them back to England. The game was introduced into the nobles and royal society from the Duke of Beauford in his mansion in Gloucestershire, England.

The estate was called Badminton House. While playtesting the game, the nobles would string a length of rope or make a partition of sorts between the two players, and each would attempt to knock the shuttlecock from their region. Soon the first “badminton club” was formed, which literally wrote the rulebook into the match we still follow today.

The match exploded, and in 1899, the first-ever national tournament was played. In 1934 the Worldwide badminton association was formed, originally with members from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and France. India joined in 1936, and an increasing number of championships and global tournaments were created. In the 1970s the game was passionately pursued by the Asians, especially Chinese girls. Asian teams, particularly Chinese, continue to dominate the game to this day.

Badminton eventually became an award Olympic sport in the 1992 Barcelona events.