Developing a Performance Culture in Sports and Business Throughout Trophies and Recognition

Receiving recognition from others is always a terrific feeling. Whether it be for sports, business or personal compliments; recognition from others is something all of us appreciate and strive for. Trophies, plaques, medals, and other recognition products are a terrific way to honor the efforts of others. Even though a pat on the back or verbal praise do the job, demonstrating something concrete someone can hold and something that will last a lifetime guarantees that the worthwhile effects can be recalled for several years. Trophies and plaques also provide considerably more than the rewarding feeling of giving and receiving recognition. They actually set up behaviors that ensure future success and may benefit both the presenter and recipient of the trophy or plaque.

Walk into any successful sports team clubroom and you’ll discover the huge number of recognition products adorning their walls and cabinets. Trophies, cups, shields, and plaques acting as a lasting reminder of past successes. These all contribute to the culture within the club. People feel good when they get a trophy for their efforts or achievement and strengthened behavior is always more likely to happen in future events. This contributes to a ‘ratchet effect’; individuals that are rewarded will build on previous success and continue with the rewarded behaviors that enable them to achieve even higher goals and compliments. Trophies and plaques displayed in their shelves and walls are a testament to their success as well as a motivation for them to do even better next time, every decoration adds a step up on the ratchet. Other teams competing for the exact trophies will need to raise their own efforts, this results in the ratchet effect across all teams in the league. Overall this is better for the spectators and players as the standard of competition rises year on year.

This ratchet effect found in sports can be found in business settings. In these instances, people who are rewarded with decorations, improve the productivity and profit for their businesses. This is also great for customers, as increased productivity reduces costs and creates better quality solutions. As in sports teams, businesses should aim to achieve a culture of success and excellence among their team. While trophies, plaques, awards, and medals are commonplace in any sports clubroom, it’s less so in business settings. In these uncertain economic times is critical that businesses have the ability to have a determined workforce eager to give their very best to ensure the existence of the organization and their jobs.

Sports trophies and awards are often cups and figurines as these are related to their sport. In business, a different type of trophy is required to reflect the ‘team’ and ‘game’. Corporate decorations and awards are best performed in glass, acrylic or crystal materials that have a far more professional look. Plaques and honors boards are also a wonderful choice to decorations in business settings, as they also allow for much more text and the addition of business branding and logos.

Implementing the ratchet effect on your sports or business team through presenting trophies and plaques is an excellent way for individuals and the team as a whole to perform better over time. In sports, this creates a higher level of competition that allows players to attain their full potential, in addition to providing a terrific spectacle for fans and inspiring the next generation to be successful. In business this contributes to increased profitability and productivity, helping customers to have a better product and businesses to grow and succeed. With many nations heading into recession for 2012, business success will be key this year to improving the economies of the world.

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