Knowing the Ideal Kitchen for Happy Cooking

Whatever you try to do tools and a vital function play. A well-designed kitchen can transform cooking from responsibility into joy. For years I had to contend with a cubicle. We built a house and that I had been able to design my own kitchen. Now I really like to cook for my family members and friends.

Knowing fundamental principles about kitchen design could be helpful at any given time. Changing the place of appliances can make a difference. Whether renovating a kitchen or planning a new one: Don’t to rely on architects or professional kitchen planners. They can’t know the habits and requirements of your family as possible. Only you are able to know what you need and what fits you and your budget.

A practical kitchen improves your life

Once we decided to create a home I purchased a lot of books about kitchen design. It is advisable to rely on literature since most of the websites about kitchen design are greatly influenced by advertising. I cannot recommend any of these.

When planning your kitchen first ask yourself what you actually require. Do you like to roast and then bake or would you prefer food? Space do you need? How many sinks do you need? Can there be 1 do you need enough space for 2 or even more cooks or cook in your kitchen? Would you need breakfast and simple meals in your kitchen or do you want to use it for cooking just? Scottsdale & Phoenix Kitchen Designs and Remodeling

The washing machine in the kitchen?

Among the main questions is: Do you want to put your washing machine at the kitchen? If yes, you want some space, not only for the machine but also for related appliances like storage space and a drier, iron, ironing board for laundry.

Traffic report:

Before going into planning details, analyze the traffic your kitchen might have to support. People will enter your kitchen and continue to the cupboards, the sink, and also the cooking selection from the refrigerator. Do kids need access to snacks and beverages? Will there be traffic through your kitchen to other destinations? Is there a basement doorway, a pantry or a back door? click here for more info

Mark the primary traffic paths on a plan and start from there. If you’ve got a little kitchen it may be valuable to consider closing one of these to reduce traffic and gain room. It’s also important that the kitchen has a simple link to the living room and dining area. Most of our time is invested in these regions and good design can enhance your family life a good deal.

The work triangle:

The work triangle used to be the base of kitchen preparation. This triangle is shaped by the refrigerator, the selection that was cooking, and the sink. According to rules, the triangle is the distance between the fronts of each appliance. The triangle should not be longer than 8 meters (26 feet). A single leg needs to be at least 1.23 meters (4 feet) and not more than 2.74 meters (9 ft ). The cook ought to be able to walk without interference from the appliance. This rule was followed by me and I am really happy with it. Friends of ours have built a massive house. They didn’t deem it necessary to consider something as prosaic as the work triangle. The outcome is a kitchen where you have to walk seven meters-.

Even though the job triangle has been a useful principle for generations, now it has been too simplified. We use more than 3 appliances in the kitchen, today; dishwasher and the microwave need to fit into the blender as well as the concept along with other gadgets. However – the triangle remains a good starting point.

Choosing the right equipment:

After having put the triangle onto the design of your kitchen, then decide how to put the other appliances. The dishwasher should be situated directly near the sink. There are plenty of options for cooking ranges, wall mounted integrated cooktops and ovens. The main question is: Would you wish to cook with power or gas? Once you have selected, get information about accessible appliances. The hood should be located in an external wall so that the fumes have been blown off outside. A hood won’t ever work if the way is long or twisted.

Having enough fridge space is essential. As a guideline, you need half a cubic meter (500 liters) for the first two family members and a second 0.04 cubic meters (40 liters) for every additional relative.

Kitchen cabinets:

The cabinets help determine the expression of your kitchen. What you choose is dependent upon your taste and your budget. Bear in mind that cupboard surfaces should be easy to clean and resistant to water. If you choose wood for the cabinet doors that are customized, be careful to buy wood. It will change shape when 12 if the wood is too brand new. Avoid open shelving as much as you can: Dust will pay.


You can never have a lot of operating surface inside your kitchen. There are many options for countertops, from polished cement to marble, depending on your budget. I wouldn’t use it, Though marble is beautiful. Marble stains can crack when exposed to warmth and is difficult to wash. The countertop’s height should be selected according to your body elevation. The standard is 72 centimeters. For me, this is much too low. My countertops are 92 centimeters large since I enjoy cutting vegetables and cooking while standing.

Kitchen sink:

The choice is endless and depends on your taste and price range. As they make life easy, I think in large size sinks. I have 2 jumbos sized stainless steel countertops and I am quite pleased with them. The surface is a lot more resistant and a lot easier to wash than the steel surface that is smooth that is common.

Kitchen Isle:

If you’ve got a huge kitchen, you might want to match it with a kitchen island. An island can be everything from a simple dining table to a cook channel fitted with a hood and a sink. Remember the following guidelines: The working aisle between an island and the opposing counter needs to be at least 1.06 meters (42 inches) wide. If there are 2 cooks, the distance should be at least 1.22 meters (48 inches). If you would like to use your island for eating meals as well, organize a seating area that has 61 centimeters (24 inches) for every single person.

If your current kitchen leaves much to be desired, do not despair: Great food can be prepared in the humblest of conditions. You’re the cook; your dishes are infused by you along with your energy, your spirit, and your personality. No matter the surroundings, should you cook with love, it makes a difference.

The writer Kornelia Santoro manages a website called Kornelia’s Kitchen. This website provides free recipes which are fast and easy to execute and focuses on Mediterranean cuisine. She addresses all the needs of mothers and fathers who wish to feed their families in a healthy manner without spending hours from the kitchen.

One section of the website includes information about the nutritional value of components. Articles about food, kitchen design and weight loss without diet help organizing your kitchen to get cooking experiences that are happy.

‘Nothing equals home cooking when you wish to keep your family healthy’, says Kornelia. ‘Chemicals in food that is industrial and bad fatty acids in restaurant cuisine are mostly responsible for widespread obese today’

She promotes the use of healthy fats like olive and olive oil and butter. Living in India has compelled her to experiment with Mediterranean recipes. The result is dishes with ingredients that you find on Earth.