DominatiNg Start

Talia Ng is Canada’s top ranked U19 female singles player. She played against Australia’s top U19 women’s singles player, Angela Yu. The 18 year old from Markham defeated Yu, 21-6 and 21-11.

IMG_3487 Talia Ng


Here is what Ng had to say about her strong finish:

You dominated the first set 21-6, what was working for you?

“I was staying aggressive, I kept fighting, I kept a high spirit and I attacked a lot.”

What was your mindset going into this match?

“I watched her game before so I felt confident. I knew my strategy.”

What was your strategy?

“Move her around the court and to watch her overhead side. She always likes to smash so whenever I hit to her overhead side, I squatted lower to defend her smash.”

What is your confidence level going into singles knowing you won first place at Herbalife International Open and the 2018 Badminton Pan Nam games? 

“I’m really excited to see my level compared to Asian players and other players around the world. I’m really happy to play in this major event.”

Ng will be back on the court tomorrow to face Leonice Huet of France (16).  The match starts at 11am EST.

Hooray For Ho-Shue

Katie Ho-Shue


The first to take the court for Team Canada was Katie Ho-Shue. Ho-Shue faced Dilmi Dias from Sri Lanka in round one of the U19 women’s singles.  The 17 year old was able to come out with the win. She finished 21-16 for both sets.

This is what the Markham native had to say after her match:

How do you feel about your performance? 

“I think it is a good warm up for the future matches.”

The second set you were down by two at the half (11-9). What was the advice from your coaches?

“Hang in there and keep going. One point at a time and don’t think too much.”

How were you able to remain calm in order to gain the lead?

“I just told myself to be patient and wait for opportunities to attack.  My opponent was out of position and I had a chance to win the shot.”

Early on you struggled to return deep hits, what was going on?

“I was kind of nervous in the beginning. After the rallies started getting longer then I got more comfortable and a little more confident.”

What are some things you will be working on after this match?

“Consistency and keeping the [birdie] in and moving on the court.”


Ho-Shue ranks 81 in the world for junior women’s singles. She will compete in the mixed doubles with her partner, Brian Yang at 5:30 pm EST.  The duo will play against Scotland.


Denmark Defeated By Indonesia

Daniel Lundgaard and Amalie Magelund of Denmark (5/8) faced Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto and Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti of Indonesia (2) in yesterday’s  final stage mixed doubles match.

It was a fast tempo battle between both teams. The duo from Denmark said they were prepared to play fast:






Halfway into the first set, Denmark trails by six (5-11). Lundgaard unable to stop a powerful overhand by Indonesia (5-12). Lundgaard and Magelund struggle to keep the birdie in bounds and across the net which results in a nine point deficit (6-16). Lundgaard swings a strong backhand which brings Denmark to 7-16. The teams battle but Denmark falls short (12-20).


After the first few minutes, both teams are looking to break the tie (3-3). Denmark finds their rhythm and climbs on top (7-4).  A brief back and forth which brings Denmark 8-6.  Indonesia can not get the birdie across the net. Denmark is 10-6. Denmark continues to stay in the game. Their determination has them up by five (13-8). Denmark and Indonesia battle it out and Denmark comes out ahead (19-16). A few points away from claiming victory, Indonesia responds. Denmark up by 1 (19-20). A tough rally but Denmark takes it, 22-20.


Denmark leads 1-0. Indonesia responds and moves on top (2-1).  A long and speedy rally leave the Danes behind by six (1-7).  The duo is desperate for a point and finally get one after a shallow hit across the net. Indonesia answers back. Denmark adds another to the scoreboard. They move  3-8. Both teams fight to gain points. Denmark finally regains momentum by gaining two back to back points. However the last point does not count. The judge rules it out. Denmark stands 7-13. Denmark quickly recovers (8-13). Minutes of fast play go by, the Danes fall behind 10-17. They are able to make three tough plays and move 13-17. Each team adds a point to the scoreboard. It is now 14-18. Magelund swings down the middle of the court. Denmark is now 15-18. A deep corner serve by Indonesia is ruled out. It is now 16-18 for Denmark. A long rally between the teams leaves Lundgaard and Magelund down by 3 (16-19). The duo get a point (17-20).

A strong serve by Team Denmark leaves Team Indonesia unable to get the birdie over the net. But the judge rules the serve out. Still down by three, the Danes reset and are able to add another point to their score.

The duo shared their thoughts on their effort to recover and the judge’s call:





Unfortunately, they could not make a comeback. Denmark lose 17-21.

Lundgaard and Magelund were unable to keep up with the Indonesian’s fast pace.  It was not the outcome they were hoping for:








Li-Ning BWF World Junior Badminton Championships 2018 welcomes 48 member associations!

The organizing committee of the Li-Ning BWF World Junior Badminton Championships 2018 is pleased to welcome 48 member associations.

The Li-Ning BWF World Junior Badminton Championships is split into two competitions: The team event and the individual competitions (singles, doubles and mixed doubles).

The Team Event for the Suhandinata Cup will be held between November 5th and 10th, 2018.

The Eye Level Cups for the individual titles, will be held between November 11th and 18th, 2018.

The 48 participating countries are:

Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
Faroe Islands
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
South Africa
Chinese Taipei
United States of America